At AGOT Global Synergies, our commitment to delivering exceptional aviation and aerospace solutions is exemplified through our strategic partnership with Symbiotics, a distinguished leader in the aviation industry specialising in pilot aptitude assessments. This collaboration not only underscores our dedication to excellence but also ensures that our clients receive cutting-edge insights and industry-leading assessments, further solidifying our position as a trusted partner in the dynamic world of aviation


With over 25 years of experience, Symbiotics has been leading aviation to excellence in assessment by being the premier global psychometric provider for this sector.

Symbiotics has provided assessment and selection, training, and consultancy services in over 130 locations spread through 80 countries across five continents. They support airlines, ATOs and other aviation businesses with the completion of 11,500 tests monthly across over 500 variations of assessment. Supporting compliance with EASA.CAT.GEN.MPA.175(b) and DGCA Medical Circular 01 recommendations, they have supported their clients in ensuring they are selecting the most suitable candidates to success in pilot training.

Symbiotics fully believe that accurate assessment is the cornerstone of people’s success, and with over two decades of relevant industry experience and benchmark data to support assessment programmes, you can be confident that their comparison groups are providing the most appropriate results.

Owners of the ADAPT online test system, that both aligns to ICAO and IATA Pilot competencies, Symbiotics provide easy-to-use software interface for their tests and comprehensive reporting across all their assessments.

Pilot aptitude assessments play a crucial role in identifying individuals with high potential. Symbiotics’ ADAPT assessment programmes provide informed results to give insight into the decisions you are making, supporting your global aviation assessment and selection needs.

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